Software testing

    Testing is one of the main stages of high quality application development.

    With your help we will compose requirements for a test plan of your product according to existing documentation. To accomplish test plan tasks we will form a group of testers. According to the plan we will do all the testing works, especially the following ones:

  • functional testing,
  • security testing,
  • integration testing,
  • installation testing,
  • usability testing,
  • recovery testing,
  • configuration testing,
  • load testing.

    We can develop automated tests, simulating the users’ work in a given mode (condition). The results of each test are organized as the detailed report. At the end of testing we compose the summary report, containing an overview, the description of frequent mistakes, recommendations.

    Load testing

    We can do load testing of your server or web application. Load testing consists of the following tests:

  1. Performance testing. It is the definition of an application scalability in case of load increasing (an operation performance time with particular load, the definition of the limits of acceptable productivity, the definition of the number of users for the limits of productivity and so on).
  2. Stress testing. It is the estimation of an application performance, when the load shows a sharp rise, the system settings changes, there is system failure and so on.
  3. Volume testing. It is the productivity estimation in case of data increase in application database (time of the given operation to perform and so on).
  4. Reliability testing. It is the estimation of working capacity during longtime testing with a medium load (finding of the memory leaks, restarts and so on).