The development of client programs

    Our company “InfoSoftCom” offers you the automatation of the user work with the help of the client program, which can be stand-alone or be a part of software package. While working, this type of programs can use local or remote databases, system tray, system menu. If it is necessary, we are able to organize the communication between the client and the server using RSS, HTTP, SOAP, XML. We can also make remote software update with the help of the update system, developed by our company. Moreover, the developed programs have intuitively intelligible interface and the installer. Each program is supplied with a user’s guide.

    We have experience in developing such programs for:

  • Windows Operating System (С++, C#);
  • Linux-like Operating Systems: MCBC, RedHat, Fedora, etc. (Kylix, C + +, C language, perl, bash);
  • Operating System FreeBsd (C ++, C language, perl, bash);
  • Platforms x86, MIPS, SPARC, ARM;
  • Industrial single board computers;
  • Computers, developed in Russia: Багет-44, РС-6, РС-3.