Software and database refactoring

    Is your project so progressive, that you can’t control it? Is it difficult for you to make changes to software without interfering in its functionality?

    If at least one of your answers is affirmative, you will probably need to refactor your software code. While software product is growing, the code is being modified. When the initial project is changed because of such modifications (for example, the modifications add functionality, that was not planned according to the project), software architecture becomes different from project architecture. Moreover, just imagine, that if many people are working on your project in emergency mode, the evolving of the system will turn into hacking. With the help of refactoring we can change any poorly organized project to well-structured code.

    We can do the following types of refactoring:

  • Windows operating system: applied software (C++, C#);
  • Linux-like operating system: applied software (C++, C language), general system software (C language);
  • DBMS PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, FireBird, Linter, MySQL: database structure, stored procedures;
  • others (at your request).