Quality Assurance

    The development of software-hardware systems due to high competition on IT market requires high-quality project solutions and professional work of the project team. For developing complex systems the specialists of InfoSoftCom according to the scope statement of the customer implement a clear, gradual development process. This process is based on the following main stages: software analysis, design, realization, testing and maintenance. This approach is successfully implemented in our company’s work and leads to high-quality results.

    System development and programming in InfoSoftCom is performed in conditions of strict discipline provided by project management and determined by project documents. Project managers distribute efforts and activities of the project team, control the process in accordance with the scope statement requirements, terms of development and project budget. We strive to achieve steady increase of our work quality, offering the products and related services that meet the expectations of our customers.

    The required level of work quality is achieved by InfoSoftCom thanks to high level motivation of our well-trained, qualified staff and, of course, long-term testing of the program product.

    The quality assurance in our company is provided with the help of accomplishing the following main tasks.

  • Our specialists put maximum effort into development process, so that the results of our work meet the expectations of the customers.
  • We respond to all our customers complaints as soon as possible.
  • We are constantly improving the process of system building and software writing.
  • We organize formal and informal training programs, where our staff learn new skills and technologies that provide them new opportunities to create reliable and high-quality systems.