Software porting

    You have a program, that resolves your tasks on the base of one hardware platform, and you want to transfer its features partially or entirely to another environment (for example, make it usable under control of other operating system or to use another hardware architecture). You have hardware that needs to be working under control of of Unix-like operation system. Or you probably want to use free open-source software, but in order to do this you should adapt it to the definite operation system (for example, MCBC, Windows).  

    The specialists of our company have sufficient experience in porting open-source software for:

  • MCBC operation system of MIPS, the x86 architecture;
  • FreeBSD operation system;
  • Linux-like operation system of the x86, SPARC, ARM architecture;
  • Windows operating system.

    The price for this type of work depends on the difference between platform, for which software was developed, and the target platform, for which you want to use it, and, certainly, on software portability.