Reduction of Microsoft

According to company representatives to the dismissal of 3, 6 thousand employees. In January 2009, the company announced a planned reduction in staff by 5 thousand people in one and a half years and cost savings at $ 1.5 billion each year. In January, it was dismissed 1, 5 thousand people. Accelerating the reduction of the company relates to its difficult financial situation. Turnover for the 1 st quarter 2009 totaled $ 13.65 billion (down 6%), net profit of $ 2.98 billion (declined by 32%)

Information about Microsoft

The company was founded in 1975, the number of employees - 80 thousand people. Leader and founder of the company, as well as the main shareholder (8.7% of total shares), Bill Gates. During 2008, turnover of $ 60.4 billion profit of $ 17 billion of capitalization in 2008, $ 262 billion