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Perhaps the deterioration of the functioning of space navigation system GPS in 2010

The message of this report appeared in the Main Office United States. The main reason for the possible deterioration of space navigation system GPS in 2010 - late replacement satellite system reached the end of their service life, due to the excess of expenditure allocated budget for its support. GPS system is a U.S. Department of Defense to determine the coordinates of objects on the Earth's surface. The system has 31 satellites. Russian analog - the GLONASS system, the system consists of 20 satellites.

Intel fined at 1.06 billion euros

The press reported that the European Commission fined company Intel the largest manufacturer of chips for comput to 1.06 billion euros for non-market methods of competitioner . This is a record amount of fine. The European Commission has recognized the following Intel inappropriate methods to market competition:

Reduction of Microsoft

According to company representatives to the dismissal of 3, 6 thousand employees. In January 2009, the company announced a planned reduction in staff by 5 thousand people in one and a half years and cost savings at $ 1.5 billion each year. In January, it was dismissed 1, 5 thousand people. Accelerating the reduction of the company relates to its difficult financial situation. Turnover for the 1 st quarter 2009 totaled $ 13.65 billion (down 6%), net profit of $ 2.98 billion (declined by 32%)

In the United States to establish a unit to combat attacks from the Internet

Information networks of government structures almost of all countries are regularly exposed to attacks from Internet. In the United States planned to establish a special unit to prevent threats from the Internet. The statement was made by the head of the National Security Agency Alexander Keith. It is anticipated that the new unit will be established in October 2009 and will be part of the Strategic Command of the U.S. armed forces, the control center of this unit will be located in the Fort Meade (State Mzrilend) and it will be involve in to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.