How we work

     This text contains description of the possible variants of software development in our company.

    The first and the easiest type of work is Realization. You have your ideas written in the form of the scope statement. Actually, the scope statement is some kind of a blueprint of your computer program that will be developed. This document is required for budget calculation and work schedule. After budget negotiation and signing of a contract we start program development.

    More difficult type of work is Designing. You know exactly your computer program goal and you probably have the requirements for some functions. In that case first the scope statement, which is the blueprint of your future solution, should be created. This document is being created iteratively from one version to another during the discussion of the planned program features and the features of software product being developed. The price of the scope statement development usually amounts to 15-20 percent of the approximate development budget. When the scope statement is created, we can start the next stage of work, called Realization. If for some reason you would like another company to do development work, we can control the process and at the end of it we can carry out the final testing of the results.

    The most difficult type is Research. For a variety of reasons it may turn out, that your thoughts are so abstract, that they can’t be written down (for example, when you don’t have enough knowledge about the processes in one of the subject areas). That’s why before creating the blueprint you should learn and describe such processes. While interacting with you and your employees, we compose documents (diagrams, schemes and so on) that will provide you a better way of understanding your business processes. It’s rather difficult to estimate man-hours of such work at the beginning, that’s why its price can be based on the spent time. If the ending of the research is successful, we can start the next stage, called Designing.