Thu, 2015-12-17
ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol RFC3507) implementation
Sat, 2012-12-15
Allows control and prevent confidential data leaks from corporation network via SSH connections (v1,v2)
Tue, 2012-10-23
Allows design element placement on PCB and test automation

ICAP server

    This server implements ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol RFC3507) protocol. The main goal of ICAP protocol is to modificate HTTP traffic. Currently, the server completely covers all protocol's requirement, such as:

  • Options response.
  • HTTP request modification ( header + body ).
  • HTTP response modification ( header + body ).
  • 204 response, in preview and outside preview
  • 206 response.

    Moreover, all functions that are connected with traffic modification are in separated modules which implemented as a shared library with specific application programm interface. Such approach makes task of extending functions of traffic modification really simple.

    At this moment the server has the following modules:

  • 403 response as a result of regexp analyze(regexp).
  • stream HTTP body content replacement based on regexp (match and replace), for this task we have achieved linear complexity.

    The nonblocking server is designed for OS Linux with worker thread pattern which gives us a very efficent solution in a high load.

   During server creation we use the following toos, protocols, etc:

  • С++;
  • Libev;
  • HTTP;
  • ICAP;
  • Regexp.