Thu, 2015-12-17
ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol RFC3507) implementation
Sat, 2012-12-15
Allows control and prevent confidential data leaks from corporation network via SSH connections (v1,v2)
Tue, 2012-10-23
Allows design element placement on PCB and test automation

Application for design and test printed circuit board

    The application is used for design elements placement on PCM and, besides that, can be used for PCB test automation. Main features and functions are:

  • CRUD operations for board sides, each side has such attributes as: name, side image;
  • CRUD operations for PCB element graph templates, each template has such properties as: body graph view, pin graph view ( for each pin );
  • CRUD operation for PCB elements, for each element can be set: name, one or more pins;
  • place PCB element graph presentation on chosen side, for graph presentation operator uses templates;
  • for each PCB element graph presentation do such operations as: move, remove, scale, rotate, set color of filling, set font and font size;
  • import PSB elements from EDIF file format with automatic placement on chosen board side;
  • multiuser system with access rights, roles.

    For PSB tests application supports several external commands, they are:

  • load PSB placements model;
  • mark element as non working;
  • mark element as passed test;
  • clear all marks;
  • show and center GUI on certain pin of element.

    Procedure of PCB testing is done in following way: external program that's works with devices does some testing and sends results as commands to the application.

    Tools used for project devlopment: