Software-hardware systems development

    The specialists of our company have sufficient experience in building of complex, distributed software-hardware systems. Such systems may consist of various combinations of the following subsystems:

  • structured cable networks,
  • management systems,
  • video control systems,
  • embedded systems,
  • geografic information systems,
  • any others (at your request).

    The structure of such systems considerably depends on the requirements to their work, but any way they will consist of either software or hardware or software-hardware components. Software components may be based on the products developed by our company, open-source decisions or any other commercial software (at your request). Hardware components are being developed with the help of the following devices:

  • single-board industrial computers of the ARM architecture, the x86 architecture, running Linux-like operating system (Fedore Core, Red Hat, MCBC), entirely customized for the current tasks;
  • desktop computers of the x86 architecture, running either Linux-like or Windows operating systems or any other Unix-like operating system (we have experience in working with the computers developed in Russia: Багет-44, РС-6 and others);
  • servers of the x86 architecture, the SPARC architecure, running Linux-like (Fedore Core, Red Hat, MCBC), FreeBSD and OpenBSD operating systems;
  • motion detectors, infrared, pressure, GPS, GLONASS position, vibration, temperature, stress and other sensors, video cameras, measuring instruments;
  • automatic telephone station, voice over IP;
  • passive and active network equipment.

    Our experienced, highly qualified and broad-minded specialists can always find the optimal decision for the best price/quality ratio.