Geographic information systems development

    According to your demands we can develop geographic information system of any complexity. Such systems can complete the following tasks:

  1. displaying of two-dimensional and three-dimensional ground maps, applying and displaying of any cartographic environment, direct, reverse (and other) automatization of geodetic calculations and tasks;
  2. binding of any semantic information to cartographic features;
  3. system integration in any other information management, data collection and information processing systems;
  4. any others (at the client’s request).

    The geographic information systems being developed by InfoSoftCom can perform the following functions (at your wish):

  • data uploading and downloading to and out of various external formats, including MAP, SXF, SIT, RSC (GIS Panorama), ArcInfo (SHP), MapInfo (TAB, MIF/MID);
  • having multiple platforms, portability at the level of source codes (including such platforms as MS Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris, various clones of Linux, MCBC 3.0;
  • various ellipsoids support: Krasovsky, Clarke, Bessel, WGS;
  • various coordinate systems support: Pulkovo, WGS, NAD;
  • various projections support: Gauss-Krüger, Mercator, UTM, The Lambert conformal conic, Robinson,  The Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection, Sinusoidal, Polyconic conforming projection;
  • it can have source environment.

    Moreover, we have ready-made hardware-software solutions for field object’s coordinates measurements and transmission of them to processing centre. The systems being developed by our company may use the products of our own development, Open-Source and software licensing products as geoinformation kernel. By now we have gained experience in software development using the following geoinformation environments: 

  • GRASS (Linux-like operating system);
  • MapInfo (Windows operating system), The MapInfo SpatialWare server component;
  • ArcGIS software series, server side (ArcSDE+ArcCatalog) (Windows operating system);
  • Panorama (Windows operating system);
  • Integration (Windows, MCBC operating systems);
  • Yandex maps;
  • Google maps;
  • data storage (PostGIS, Oracle Spatial);
  • products of our own development.