Database development

    The term database sometimes is incorrectly understood by customers. Most of  them include in it not only data set with data base management system (DBMS), but also special software for controlling, organizing and management data for the given subject area. That’s why first of all it’s necessary to distinguish, actually, data set with data base management system (database in fact) and software with special management functions for your database. While working, software is using database.

    According to your demands, we can do all the works, connected with the development of database structure. We offer you the development of:

  • Conceptual model (entitys – attributes – relations),
  • Logic model,
  • Physical model for the given DBMS (the number of initialization scripts of database).

    We have experience in developing the structures of databases for the following DBMS:

  • MySQL (open-source),
  • PostgreSQL (open-source),
  • Linter (OC MCBC),
  • MS SQL,
  • Oracle,
  • FireBird (open-source).

   If you need such products, specialists of our company can develop:

  • database for selected DBMS,
  • software for your database management (client-server, stand alone, desktop and so on, according to your demands, see software development).