Let’s imagine such a situation: you want an IT company to develop a program or a system, but you can’t estimate competence of its employees. Or you want to be sure, that the ordered project is being realized according to the plan. Another situation is when the work is finished, but you can’t estimate correspondence between the results and the requirements of your scope statement. Or the employees of your IT department offer the solutions, about effectiveness of which you doubt, but you don’t have enough experience and knowledge to make their overall estimate.

    We can help you to resolve these problems. Our company provides expert analysis of the project and technical solutions, offered by your IT department or third-party companies, and gives an opinion about the level of their correspondence to the task at hand. Our specialists can maintain the process, being implemented by the third-party company, and control its quality on your behalf. We will check the executed work and make an objective estimate of the product concerning its correspondence to the requirements and description, represented in the documents.

    Project and technical solutions analysis

    Carrying-out of this analysis usually requires the following documents:

  • the scope statement or any other document with stated requirements to the system and the program being developed;
  • the documents describing the supposed solution.

    However in some cases it may be necessary to discuss the process of development with the performers, who suggest the solutions. When the analysis is finished, you will get a written overview of the accomplished work, the document containing the detailed analysis of the suggested solution (its strengths and weaknesses) and conclusions about its usefulness. If it is necessary, the results of the analysis may contain estimation of the project and development budget.

    Maintenance of development process

    We think that the main aim of maintenance of development process is resolving business issues and strict situations with the help of the specialists of our company without the customer participation and without raising his money. Another important task, that we can also resolve, is to inform the customer about the development process state.

    Acceptance of development results

    At the end of the work process the customer very often can’t find hidden errors because of different reasons (for example, lack of needed equipment, the qualified staff and so on). Hidden errors in software is a potential security holes that can be used by hackers for threaten the system integrity. We are ready to carry out the complete analysis of the accomplished work, to check correspondence of the functionality to the requirements and also to implement functional and load testing. The results of our work are organized as a report containing conclusions about the product quality.