The analytic stage of the project is interactive process, during which our analysts while interacting with the customer create documents describing important characteristics of the future system (the program, structured cabling system and so on), that needs to be developed.

    After that during the process of interaction with the customer with the help of using the received analytic data we prepare the document called the scope statement, containg the requirements to the system.

    The scope statement contains the list of conditions, that should be fulfilled during the process of the ordered product development. These requirements are the key product readiness factors. Only when all the conditions and requirements are fulfilled, we can say, that the development is finished.

    The importance of the scope statement development stage can’t be underestimated. The project failure is more often connected with this document (scope statement). It can be explained in the following way. If the requirements to the important components of the system are not described, their fulfilment is not planned. But when suddenly it turns out, that they need to be developed, such situation will lead to work term extension and project budget increase. When it is impossible to get additional financing, the project fails.  Works connected with scope statements preparation are paid independently, and the price is usually about 20 percent from estimated project budget. Sometimes when the total project budget tends to be minimal (not more than 1000 euros) payment for this work can be combined with project development invoice.